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Welcome to AAMoV! (previously known as AAVA)

AAMoV - the Australasian Association of Managers of Volunteers - is the professional association for individuals across all sections of the community who are involved with managing volunteer programs within the Australasian region, including Australia and New Zealand.

It is our aim to take a lead role in:

  • Promoting and recognising Managers of Volunteers
  • Developing and encouraging access to professional development opportunities
  • Encouraging the development of local, state and national networks
  • Developing an accreditation programme

Being a member of AAMoV brings the benefit of joining an Australasian-wide network of Managers of Volunteers. It gives you the opportunity to participate in working parties, developing your own skills and understanding, and the recognition that comes from having a demonstrated commitment to professionalism. In addition, AAMoV members have the bonus of free access to the highly-regarded online publication e-volunteerism.

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 Member Benefits


AAMoV has negotiated an arrangement under which each of our members obtains full-subscriber access to the international online journal, e-Volunteerism, which would otherwise cost you US$45 a year!  By clicking through to the journal from the members-only area of the AAMoV Web site, you will be able to read each quarterly issue of this excellent resource for both experienced and beginner practitioners, as well as have full access to the Archives of all past articles from the past 10+ years.  Though published in the United States, the editorial team is international (including Australian Andy Fryar) and articles have been written by colleagues in more than 20 different countries.  Readers can also participate in the interactive features of the publication


We are very proud to be partnered with Volunteer2 and have been busy setting up our new database with all of our members' details. The V2 database will not only give all members access to their own information, but will enable the board to communicate more effectively and process applications more efficiently.